Lifting and hoisting equipment like wire rope slings find tremendous applications in business sectors like construction, automobile, oil & offshore, fishing & rigging etc. They perform a tough job, lifting heavy weights for days and months on end. Therefore, maintaining this complex component properly is imperative for ensuring its long life and best performance at the job sites.

Damage in the rope sling will evidently lead to extreme safety hazards, which might not just increase the chances of financial loss but can also result in injury to life. This is why frequent inspection and regular maintenance of the rigging equipment are very vital. Of course, you should maintain the criteria prescribed by the inspection authorities as well.

However, remember that the top wire rope sling manufacturers produce premium-quality products for critical applications. Their products undergo rigorous quality tests at each manufacturing stage to ensure maximum productivity, efficacy, and safety. These leading wire rope sling companies also offer various maintenance, installation and inspection-related services. Reach out to them now to know in detail about the same.

Wire Rope Sling: How does proper maintenance impact its performance?

Lifting equipment require efficient maintenance and proper storage to maximise their life. Here is how you can ensure the best performance of the wire rope slings:

  • Storage: The prolongation of life expectancy of the rope sling depends on how you store it. You can enhance the life and performance of the wire rope sling if you can store by maintaining the standard practices to avoid rusting. Also, the space where you store the slings must be clean, dry, and well-ventilated. Where storing the wire rope slings in the open air is the norm, make sure to cover them with waterproof materials.
  • Load: The more the weight, the greater the tension that the rope slings need to tackle. Inevitably, this will affect their utility life and diminish their performance. Remember to check the wire rope slings periodically as this will enable you to detect any defect or damages in the wire ropes, thus preventing the risk of fatal injuries or heavy economic loss. Also, remember that lubrication is equally vital to enhance the performance of the wire ropes and rope slings.
  • Rough Surface and Debris: Regardless of the material quality, the wire rope sling gets affected due to environmental conditions over a period of time. Besides, the accumulation of debris like mud, stones etc. inside the wire rope slings also affects the product’s life and performance. Hence, you must ensure that the wire rope slings are clean and organised properly when not in use.
  • Chemical Exposure: A chemically active environment can also affect the operational life and performance of wire rope slings. Indeed, galvanising can protect the metal surface against corrosion. But, even if you are coating the rope sling, certain alkaline or acidic properties of the liquid might react with the rope sling's material and cause permanent damage. So, do not forget to keep the wire rope slings at bay from a chemically active environment.


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